Celine Baumann

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Céline Baumann is a French landscape architect based in Switzerland. She studied at the Akademie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam and the Ecole du Paysage de Versailles, completing a master of landscape architecture cum laude in 2010. She has collaborated with the offices Inside-Outside / Petra Blaisse in Amsterdam, atelier le balto and Topotek 1 in Berlin before to start her own studio in Basel.

Over the years, she has worked in a variety of contexts, reflecting her personal interest in international exchange and cross-cultural environments. She aims through an intersectional lens to create dynamic open spaces, informed by the interactive ecology between people and nature. This design work is complemented by a commitment to writing and research, allowing her to explore the collective value of nature and its impact on individuals.

Baumann is currently Future Architecture alumna from the European Union and Akademie Schloss Solitude fellow in Stuttgart. She is also the co-founder of the activist group Schwesterprojekt in Basel. Her work has been presented internationally in institutions including the Museum of Architecture and Design of Ljubljana (2019), the architecture gallery VI PER in Prague (2019), the Theater Festival Basel (2018), the International University Campus in Paris (2018), the LaBa EPFL in Basel (2018), and the University of Agricultural Science of Alnarp in Malmö (2016).

Apart from giving a lecture Celine will also conduct a one week workshop on public space in Prishtina.


Garden State by Mamaza Theatre Festival, Basel 2018


Supended Garden, International University Campus, Paris