Architects Climate Action Network

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ACAN is a voluntary network of individuals from within architecture and its related built environment professions taking critical action to transform our industry in the face of the climate and ecological crises.

ACAN exists to address the way our built environment is made, operated and renewed in response to the climate emergency. As a network of individuals, we channel personal energy, expertise and action towards a common goal – the systemic change of our profession and the construction industry as a whole. We see this as a matter of urgency.

Our mission is to mobilise a new movement of professional activists towards this goal by building an open, supportive and inclusive organisation. ACAN empowers individuals to proactively seek change and facilitates collective effort through a shared platform built on collaboration.

ACAN has 3 overarching aims that guide all we do:


We seek to radically transform the regulatory, economic and cultural landscape in which our built environment is made, operated and renewed in order to facilitate rapid decarbonisation of the built environment.


We advocate the immediate adoption of regenerative & ecological principles in order to green the built environment, prioritise communities and ecosystems at threat and promote the recovery and restoration of natural environments.


We call for a complete remodelling of our professional culture. We must challenge and redefine the value systems at the heart of our industry and education system. We seek to create an open network to share resources and knowledge to aid in this transition.

ACAN are Future Architecture Platform 2020 Selected Creatives.


About the lecture & workshop / September/18/2020 19:30 CET

Lecture + workshop about the climate and biodiversity emergency, architecture’s part in it and how YOU can get involved to make a difference.

ACAN formed in London over the summer of 2019, in this talk we will take you through how ACAN was conceived, founded and is expanding. We will explain the principles and activities fundamental to the network, talk through some of the actions we have taken and explain the changes we are trying to bring about. We will discuss how to build effective campaigns and make an inclusive network of engaged individuals working collaboratively to address the climate and biodiversity crises.

There will be a short Q&A session before we divide the audience into groups. With a facilitator from ACAN you will be asked to discuss what issues affect your region and areas of expertise, how these could be overcome and what would be needed to make changes for the better.

This will not be the a run of the mill lecture and audience participation will be vital! Don’t be afraid, we will create a fun, inclusive forum for people to speak their mind and meet others who share their concerns. The movement is building and we want you all to be a part of it.

All interested to join the workshop can register through the workshop Link.